Day 4: Newsflash


Gushing out of mouths proclaimed

Encircling ears nearby

Joy is melodiously untamed

Shattering barriers of lies.

Seeping into deserted caves

Above and underneath

Perception pushes against the gaze

Clouding sight to see.


Floating into all the ears

Demanding how to be.

Discouraging, disillusionment

Everything in-between.

Bulldozing lives, minds, wills;

Poisonous drug indeed

Entrapment is its only goal

Pillaging it esteems.


Choose to listen or ignore

The beating of the drum

Though many hearts have gone before

Soared with Joy, forgotten glum

The day is here, the time is now

Proclaim a Holy One.

Not of one who has deceived

It’s done, It’s done, It’s done!



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