Day 13: Sense

One foot goes first
The other joins but inches ahead
Into the room – try not to dread
Arms envy
The stride of your tread

Feet touch the ground
They smell
And taste (uh)
But even they
Don’t have a face

You sense…
Body willing
Spirit flowing
Arms swaying
Heart knowing

Answers to why
Who and what
Are not what I’m talking about

It’s the intuition
Without knowing
Without explaining
Without saying

The questions are not on the test
Try as you will
You can’t do your best
You won’t succeed
Above the rest

But you can see what others can’t
Grade or not, you arise
You glare into souls
Intentions known
You have a sense all of your own.

So when the room is full of them
Yucking, heckling,
And jeering
A new kind of sense
Is peering

Call it paranoia or insecurity
Somehow it never fails
In consuming accuracy
Trusty and handy indeed
It’s your creative intuition
Take heed

stl party track garden 6-2011 178


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