Distorted – perception
Discomforted – affection
Disconcerting – character
Discouraging – words
Deliberate – purpose
Deceitful – will
Demeaning – attitude
Demanding – persona
Disemboweling – menace
Demented – mind
Disheveled – appearance
Dilapidated – structure
Devilish – spawn

Demand to
Discuss your
Dealings with the
Devil. You
Dared to
Diminish the
Democracy of our
Developed country. I
Doubt you
Did your homework.
Decide to quit?
Dead are those
Damaged are others,
Dethroned is yours
Determined are we
Deciding your fate
Delightful to see
Day of
Doom coming for you,
Delinquency, you owe a


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