Day 19: Healing

Fun was had
He took a glide
Thumped the glass
Grounded his flight
So was thought
One cannot say
We heard the crash
Outside today
In our sight
A small Cuckoo
Yellow beaked and feathered too
Beneath window he stooped
Head hung low
Eyes confused
Crooked beak
Blood a spew
Our hands held high
Hand on him laid
Called the Higher One
Name I bade
Pleaded for mercy
Begged for power
Believing at that very hour
Healing we requested
Insisted, demanded
Opened my eyes
He sputtered
Cocked his head
Looked into my soul
Left behind dread
Restored, remade
Bird of the sky
God healed your head
Nothing more to fear
Before he off and flew away
A word I heard him say
I am big, though I am small
Thank you, for answering
A tweeted call



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