Day 25: Again

Majestic morning of dew covered gloss
I see you shimmer and glow
Hosting birds in hairnets
And setting squirrels in bow

Sensing the day you reach your hands
On these beginnings anew
Lime green grass strands
Bursting buds by the few

Preheating earth with your face
Preparing clustered boxes of chatter
Metal snakes that slither on paths
And all kinds of lively matter

All the while you patiently wait
To gently hang and drastically drop
Your control is ever-apparent
Undulating all the clocks

Your motion sets all our schedules
Security blanket arrives
Sufficiency is felt
As you’re blessing all our lives

Fresh you strive to make
Resetting the button of a soul
Sorrow, shame, love and joy
Rely on your open-ended goal

So as we set and move and play
Running under your feet
Stamp us with your unwavering love
Approve our needed sleep.



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