Day 28: Recipe


Create form
Make invent
Sculpt purge
Arrange display
Compose mix
Blend conjure
Piece sketch
Palpate stroke
Blend smudge
Crosshatch figure
Perspective spot
Cut paste
Overlap rip


Yourself among the ingredients
Surpass your expectation with flavor
Unlock the imagination with garnish
Resolve unresolved with presentation
Free the therapy within
An all you can eat buffet of creativity.


Unleash, unbridle, unbox, unwrap, unearth its freedom to feast. Feel the satisfying effects of caffeine as it ignites the mind’s kindling. Forgo utensils, use hands, smack lips, lean on elbows, spit it out, slurp and sip. It’s your meal to make, decorate, serve, eat and satisfy. Not theirs.



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