Mypo 365

Day 31: Episode

Today I’m in an episode of life’s eternal story.
My placement in this chapter isn’t quite what I expected
The author’s interactive nature and persona hold onto me
The scented pages from within the binding covering
Am I in the rising action or has it already passed?
Will the author’s note make mention of things I can’t get at?

Today I’m on a stage
Script I didn’t write
Memorizing lines of endless trips to grocery, gas and grind
My stage mates wear mask and costume of frill and painted form
I prefer the nature’s press
Inner beauty to adorn
When Is the intermission?
What words will I regret?
Will the crowd jeer at me when my turn is all but up?

Today I’m in my story
I’m writing all the lines
My mind controls the fury and my heart guides all the signs
No stage or book to capture
Harness the glow of me
My words and pictures float freely
In the story about me.



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