South Africa Mission Trip

Gofundme, for crying out loud. I’m asking, begging, praying, hoping, living, relying, thinking and believing…okay?  Don’t you think for a minute that it is easy to ask for money.  (me shrinking back and hiding in the closet) Just a few short weeks ago, when we went to pick up Bella at Lion’s Camp, I was overwhelmed with a feeling … Continue reading



Originally this blog was going to be my creative outlet; strictly designated for poetry and whatever you call rhyming words.  I soon realized that days go by when I don’t feel the slightest  been inspired to write creatively, much less consider my own thoughts.  So, much like everything else that starts from my hands, it’s … Continue reading


Change is Good

When this blog was created, its sole purpose was to be a creative outlet.  Quickly, I’ve figured out that I’m not the creative person all the time, I ride a rolling cart of creativity and it’s mostly been careening downhill at breakneck speed.  Then, as I was showering, I had an idea, yes, most of my ideas … Continue reading