Change is Good

When this blog was created, its sole purpose was to be a creative outlet.  Quickly, I’ve figured out that I’m not the creative person all the time, I ride a rolling cart of creativity and it’s mostly been careening downhill at breakneck speed.  Then, as I was showering, I had an idea, yes, most of my ideas come to me when I’m doing mindless tasks such as self grooming.  I digress.  My idea was that I’d pick up where I’d left off years ago.  What on earth does that mean, you say?  Well, in 2005, a blog was born in my name.  The only problem was that Facebook, or should I call it Facestand had entered the scene, leaving me feeling less like blogging and more mesmerized by needless details.  Not only has my time been chewed up and spit out, I don’t have an organized pattern of thought that I can go back and reread.  Lastly, what if I died?  What kind of story is FB?  It isn’t a story at all, It’s a newsstand of changing one-liners and links.  So, that said, I’m back for good.  I don’t have incredible, professional thoughts, I just have a real life that tends to teeter on the edge of collapse, or so I think.

The rules are as follows.  Call me out if I break them, okay?  Pretend I’m raising my right hand…only because I’m left-handed.

1.  I will try to conveymy thoughts in a small structure, utilizing bullets and numbers to aid in the quick consumption.

2.  I won’t hide truth.  Duh. Nobody makes friends just lunching, they have to share their stinky trash too.

3.  I will be able to answer questions that pertain to the life events discussed, I just won’t give my address or become the victim of a crime.

4.  I will be open about the ups and downs of life.  Please don’t think I’ve lost my salvation, I’m only human.  Sorry.

5.  I may quote things inaccurately, spell things incorrectly, have poor grammar and I may NOT be like you.  Not sorry.

6.  I am saved by GRACE and LOVE has covered ALL my sins.   I am NOT perfect so don’t think I am.  That would be awful.  ugh.

There.  I’ve been freed from the sticky tentacles of social media.  Let the living begin, free, honest and in read-worthy form.


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