Originally this blog was going to be my creative outlet; strictly designated for poetry and whatever you call rhyming words.  I soon realized that days go by when I don’t feel the slightest  been inspired to write creatively, much less consider my own thoughts.  So, much like everything else that starts from my hands, it’s morphed into something completely different — unintentionally.

In fact, if I had to pick one word that would describe my life in nearly every aspect, it would be the word UNINTENTIONAL.  The word even looks like me; short meaning with long flowing hair and begins with U.  That’s right.  Believe it or not, I think of other people quite a bit.  So much I should’ve gotten a degree in a field where It would be of use.   Anyway, I digress.   Wait, to digress meant I actually was going somewhere with a point of some kind.   I take that back, no digression at all.

Oh ya, I was going to post about “expanding” things.  Let that sink in for a minute.  I know you’re thinking that I’m gaining weight at a super speed, or that I’m going to finally get that degree for the world to label me, or, those of you who don’t know me may actually think I’m pregnant.  Well the truth is not as racy or spectacular and interesting as the above mentioned scenierios.   Expanding has to do with my view.

Remember the old view masters?   The ones with the little disks of tiny thumbnail, 3d pictures that could only be viewed through a binocular like device with a levered crank on the side.  Fisher Price was my brand; ya’ll may have had a fancy shmancy one from granny, or a vintage one from Ebay.  Wait, Ebay wasn’t around back then.  Anwyway, expanding for me is like this viewmaster.

I can specifically recall a time when I had that life viewmaster moment.  A moment I didn’t know was monumental until nearly 28 years later.  (sheesh I’m getting old)

Come back to the year 1994, It was late May and I was about to graduate high school.  Usually a graduate is inundated, rather happily might I add, with useful gifts and the most coveted of all green items, cash.  I recieved these gifts and loved them I’m sure.   However, my parents decided to buy me a camera.  One that had two seperate lenses built in and was 35 milimeter.  Quit laughing.  It really was my favorite gift.  It is the one gift I still use on a regular basis, no not the 90’s film crank, my iphone and my Canon.  If I forget to take pictures, I cringe, I really do.  Not sure how many will make it up here, since they’re not watermarked and are mostly vacation moments.  We shall see.

I’m here.

It’s now.

I’ve already broken some of my rules.

I’m real.   Sound redundant?  That’s because I wrote this months before I finally mustered the nerve to commit to this BLOGGING thing.  Again.


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