South Africa Mission Trip

Gofundme, for crying out loud.

I’m asking, begging, praying, hoping, living, relying, thinking and believing…okay?  Don’t you think for a minute that it is easy to ask for money.  (me shrinking back and hiding in the closet)

Just a few short weeks ago, when we went to pick up Bella at Lion’s Camp, I was overwhelmed with a feeling I’ve not felt since my wedding day and the birth of my children.  It was confusing to discern, but I finally surmised It could only be due to the outpouring of support, love and time the camp counselors gave to my diabetic daughter–and they did it for FREE!  She came home with a shirt and all kinds of goodies from her glorious week of camp.  She was beaming, confident in all she learned; both socially and physically.

I was on the receiving end of a blessing, and what a joy it was.  I know this sort of thing doesn’t  happen at this caliber on a regualr basis, but man was I stunned.  I didn’t ask, it just happened.

That said, bless me again. I loved knowing there was a pillar of strength under me, above me and on all sides as I dropped her off at camp.  When we go on this trip, your blessing will go with me when I step onto African soil.  It will not go unnoticed, nor will it go without the rebound of joy.  Thanks.Image


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