South Africa Mission Trip

Jaw Dropping

Today was a day like any other day.  After awakening, I quickly grabbed a cup of coffee and began doing laundry, sweeping and getting to work on my pinning/ghost writing.  I know that scared you because I’m really not that great of a writer, I just have perspective, heart, depth and a good eye for design, oh yeah… and I have really adorable feet.  No really, I do.  They are the only thing that remain a constant love of mine, besides God, my family and chocolate.  My toes are…  Seeeeeeee, what I’ve said holds true, my thoughts are like tiny crevases in skin, they keep going in every direction.

My point.

Today I dropped off a few shirts and books to a friend, made 200 photo copies, compiled my contacts, addressed, stamped and return addressed the envelopes, folded the letters and finally checked my email…..  Is it possible to be out of breath when typing? WHEW!  I am finally done with the preface of this story.  Go on…celebrate.


I checked my email and noticed that we are at 26% of our mission trip goal.  I almost started crying because, not only have I previously mentioned that I’m not good at being over-blessed, I’m incredibly horrible (or should I say good) at being a pessimist.  One person, that I’m not even friends with (yet) donated $2,400.00  without having a friend or family history!  

Goodness gracious!!!

I feel the same way I did when I picked up my baby Bella from camp.  I’m overwhelmed; my jaw is in a complete state of dangling, complete with a disgusting drool pool below.  This shouldn’t be happening to me, right?  I don’t deserve a break.

Wait.  God wouldn’t like to hear me say that (even though he just did) so I should really check myself.  Deep within the dusty confines of my heart, do I deserve it?  NO.  No I don’t.  That is why it’s a blessing.  A blessing is something we don’t deserve but get to enjoy anyway.

It’s: the sun kissing my skin, a smile on my daughter’s face when she gets all her spelling words right, it’s the food I eat and the hummingbird that taunts my dog.  A blessing isn’t deserving, or else my heart isn’t right.

So, If you are reading this and you are considering donating, I thank you in advance.  If you are reading this and you are that mysterious donor, I thank you with all of my heart.  You can’t even begin to know how much it means to me and my little family.  Trust and Faith are two words that I’ve struggled with my whole life.  I don’t deserve what you’ve done, but I promise you I will make every dollar count as I reach out and touch the lives of mothers and babies in South Africa.  I will also post as much as I am allowed  (by custom) to give you an update on our trip.

I’m stunned, loved, in awe and constantly learning more about the hearts of people– even complete strangers.  The world is uniting, I can feel a great harvest coming.


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