I never want to delete the memories of being frustrated, overwhelmed, miserable upset. In keeping them a story of my past, hopefully I’ll remember how far I’ve come. Even if it seems like I’ve taken steps back, a step forward can be visible. I’ve rebounded. The continual twelve hours of rain is washing the feeling … Continue reading


Mystery Wounds

The week without legs squirms on. Appointments piled up to 15 since Friday are taking mysterious stabs and my skin.  How do other people manage parenting alone? How do they homsechool, start a small group, fundraise for a mission trip, pay the bills, fix the broken things that pop up, deal with emotional break-downs, participate … Continue reading


Diabetes and Kids

Kids should: Never be sick Never be hurt Never be sad Never be violated Never feel pain Never be heartbroken Never be diseased Never die young Never fight to live Never be burdened with the maintenance of an insulin dependent diabetic life, only to be grouped with curable type 2 diabetes. Call me crazy because … Continue reading