South Africa Mission Trip


Seven weeks left and we have quite a bit of fundraising to do. Even though having a moment of panic isn’t the right thing to do, I am having a moment of panic.

-Still need to contact to endo on SA regarding immunizations.

-Raise nearly $9,000

-Figure out our jobs, expectations and goals.

-Are we going to bring supplies?

-What kind of clothing will we need?
What’s acceptable culturally?

-Does Bella need tetanus, TB or any other vaccine?

-What kinda of things should we pack/leave?

I’m excited, nervous and a little crazy.
I’m praying that God will bring the bounty; bring the peace, bring the funds, bring the answers.

We aren’t chained to fear, we’ve just been trained to fear. We want to untrain, to reverse the mindset of being limited.


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