Homeschool / Life

Point Taken.

My daughter just made a good point.

She asked:

Why should I write an article that’s already written?

I responded:

If we don’t write our own thoughts on things and study, how will we know how we feel?  We have to create a perspective.  That is the basis of learning, right? Finding out what is and isn’t, what you believe and don’t believe is key to building a foundation.  If we merely study and believe everything that is written, we aren’t finding out what we think.  Questioning is the key.  Thinking is more successful than believing alone.  I believe you must have the two working together for the greatest outcome.

One day I’m going to miss the simple problems of children figuring out a fritzy printer.  I’m going to miss interrupted showers, stories and phone calls.   Why?  Because they are a reminder of the intelligent thinking, building and creating of new life skills–It gives hope, if we let it.IMG_4121

Point taken.  Things aren’t always as easy to see in black and white.


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