This Day (because I don’t like choosing titles)

As I got organized for our first day with our turned over curriculum, I began to ponder many things. I nearly cried two or three times. Realizing that time has flown by sounds so cliché. I hate to be that lady. I don’t have a bouffant haircut and I don’t sport ankle-length denim skirts.


It hit me today. Hard. They won’t be here long. Where will they be? What will they do? What colleges will they attend? What will be their profession? Will it still be a vet and a scientist? Who will break their hearts? I’ll have to practice self-control even more in the coming years. How will I manage this? Heavens. Why didn’t I have the luxury of reading the blogs of moms before me? I’d love the have prepared myself by pursuing their painful hearts pouring out on screen, lamenting, paving the mental and emotional path for me to read online? I can’t stay on this topic long or I’ll raid the pantry searching for solace in the form of something crunchy and fattening. I do hope you understand. Reader? AKA me in four more years… when my oldest goes to off to college.


So. Moving on.


Inspired today to count the jobs I’ve had.

Daughter – Two great parents

Sister – Two awesome sisters. I’m the middle. The only Left-handed one in my right mind.

Friend – Too many to count. First in kindergarten.

Student – A title I’d keep for quite a while.

School store clerk – Managed sales in the school store

Library assistant – Shelved books

TCBY – Yogurt specialist

Heating & Cooling Co. – Office assistant

Birthmother – A job I still count. Giving life.

Student – No clear idea what to do.

Hair, Nail & Tan Salon – Receptionist/janitor

Ford Motor Company – Assembly line worker

Gold’s Gym – Receptionist/greeter

Nine West Shoes – Basically just stood there while shoes landed on me.

Wife – House keeper/COO & CFO

Clinique – Make up consultant. Did a few weddings on the side.

Mother – Two more babies

Church member –

Home school teacher – For the last 8 years. WOW.

Wanna-be photographer – Currently. Non-paying.

Ghost writer – Out of my comfort zone

Social media manager – Well hidden in my shell

Small group co-leader – And out of the comfort zone

Mentor – Not hidden at all. Out for all to see. Trash makes friends, right?

Idea hatcher – Queen of never doing anything with my ideas.

Totally random – Because that is a job title I fit well.

For Example: I’ll be random now.

Since I started schooling my kids. We’ve given away well over 500 books from our curriculum ; after we’ve read them of course. My girls have consumed beyond that number in their spare time. I am thankful they have a chance to be confident in the world of the spoken and written word–it’s incredibly important.




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