Twenty-one days

This is the exact number of days until we depart on our trip and my mind is beginning to think of new things.  These things are rooted not in fear, but in preparedness.

Some questions I need to answer are the following:

1.  Is my will updated to include the event that all four of us die at the same time?

2.  What will happen to my money, life insurance and retirement investments should we all die together?

3.  If the above should happen, should I leave an outline of how I do the bills.  What about the passwords and auto pay setups?

4.  Who gets all my junk?  What about pictures?  Electronics?  ugh.

Planning for death is taxing.  I mean really.  Now I can say, with 90% certainty that I won’t be dying, I just want to make sure it’s a smooth transition if I did.

Reality tells us that when we are born, we begin dying.

I know I die everyday to myself.  Though sometimes I need to die more often.

21 days left to write my will (again) and contact the state department to let them know where we will be.

The real list and packing will begin soon!!!


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