Getting Ready – NAPOWRIMO

Even though I said I’d challenge myself to crack down and set aside an hour to write small somethings everyday, I haven’t done it…not once.  Just like the unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, I let my creative writing promise tarnish into a full-fledged lie.  Not only did I let myself down, I let my children, who are homeschooled and watch my every move, down as well.  Failure with a big <F>, all caps.

And here it is again, Napowrimo, the time of the year where many deep-feeling, creative-thinker types purge their inner-most thoughts by plucking away at a virtual keyboard.  I will join the ranks, though for sure at the lower end of the spectrum, and see what my brain is capable of conjuring up this time.

Last year, I was stunned and moved by the intense emotion I felt in a mere 30 days.   My internal pendulum was swinging, not just from side to side, but in a complete circle.  My daughters were faithful to write from their beds on their iPhone app and my husband was using his God-given gift of writing.  It was like a non-stop Leave it to Beaver episode in my home, though we were definitely living in color instead of black and white.

So I ask you to join me.  Join the group of people who won’t stop feeling new things about themselves and the world around them.  You will love it.


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