Words [day one] {napowrimo}

Before I knew a single word
I had to hear a sound
I looked at all the shapes and curves
My most favorite being round

More an art  than a meaning
Merely perplexing at that
I couldn’t see the exercise
The letters, to me, were flat

Just as light illuminates a room
My mind opened a home
A place where words meant something
They breathed a life of their own.

Wandered I did, through their rooms
Afraid to touch or praise
Mostly intimidated by their strength
Until I had kids to raise

Kids begged and screamed and stacked books high
Read it again, they said
They giggled, laughed and even cried
They jumped up and down on my bed

For every little word I spoke
Millions were stored in vaults
They began to read them back again
It wasn’t their little faults.

Chanting, correcting, collecting and dissecting
They grew and grew and grew
The magical words walked with them
Never leading them askew

Funny thing it is, these words
Their power is careening
Nothing seems to compare
To the letters, the words, the meaning

And so it is, I must confess
Perplexity exists no more
Words have more than taught my kids
To aim for their highest score>


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