Easter [day seventeen] {NAPOWRIMO}

He mingled with the sinners
Sinless yet He was
Prayed, healed and loved
He came to save the lost

Welcomed into homes
Palm festival of the pass
Just days later, scorn ensued
Supper planned, His last

He spoke about his coming
His death and life you see
Words of truth laid open
Eternal life to be

Betrayal came
As foretold
Torture was His fate
(How can I go and stop this act,
This is the part I hate)

His body beaten, busted open
For all of man to see
Pierced, blood soaked, a token
For us to be set free

Body wrapped in linen cloth
In a tomb was laid
His promise came, 3 days passed
Arisen Christ today!

Accept His gift, He died for you
I know that you can see
Live for Him right now
Go on…be free!


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