Hiccup [day twenty-two] {NAPOWRIMO}

It was a day as any
Breathing normally
Something began to stir
A queasy-uneasy thing
Beneath my brown skin fur
Violence it seemed
Pulling, gasping
Stealing all my air
Without politely asking
To inconvenience my lair
It kept on taking
With every jolt
Just busted this way
And that
All I could do was moan
Beg to remove the beast
In a sad, begrudging tone
Who knew how long I’d live
How many breaths I’d lose
Before my life just gives
What to do, what to do
So. Inspired by affliction
I typed out a poem
About the whole ordeal
Who would’ve guessed
Who would’ve known
I scared the villainous action
Right outta my chest
Yes. With a poem
I put this thing to rest.


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