Lefty [day twenty-eight] {NAPOWRIMO}

I write wrong-handed
Or so you may say
I still get more done
At the end of the day

No scissors to cut with
Not a pen that won’t bleed
I feel the world deeper
Than your average steed

Sometimes it hurts
Not to see where I write
The pen won’t reach
To my left-sided height

Still my brain uses all parts
And leaves none to waste
Pocketing dreams and ideas
At breathtaking pace

Don’t underestimate my ability
By how well I spell
What I can calculate
Or how I throw a ball

My gifts lay hidden
In a box I keep
And are only revealed
When emotions seep

They don’t show up
As a good grade
Extra credit on a test
Or a booming parade

Theirs is the ability
To smell, to feel, to touch
To see things deeper
Than the lot of the bunch

I write wrong-handed
In a left-brained world
Not clearly defined
Just a left-handed girl


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