Evolve [day twenty-nine] {NAPOWRIMO}

Media screams
Pictures mock
Crowds condemn
I wistfully rock

Wounds agape
Spirit sore
Woefully forgotten
It seems once more

But the wonderful things
That engulf the rest
Seem hard to attain
Though trying my best

Forlorn I wait
For a chance to spring
Pick up the bags
My few favorite things

The dream floats high
Above human grasp
Its entity misguided
And it too will pass

But the wonderful things
The things I want to do
The things I want to make
The things that make me true

They are but worn fabric
Thread bare and torn
Pondering the day
When they too can be born

What’s caused the holes?
What’s burned the ends?
What made this become
My fate unspent

Small they seem
Those mundane tasks
Contribute graciously
To my heart’s empty flask

Theirs a deity
I bow to by the hour
Entranced by their tediousness
Transformed into a coward

They infiltrate lungs
Demand rapid heartbeat
Withdrawing energy from my limbs
Relentlessly feast

Triumph and sorrow
Disaster and success
Driving together
On one overpass

Please find refuge
In another plain
Far apart from the other
Just out of my brain


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