Coloring Page – Day [TWO] #NAPOWRIMO

Tenderness and excitement I await my blank page.  Chosen colors sit in left-handed bliss: yellow, pink, teal and orange.  With the smell of the copier’s ink still attached to its form, it finally lands in front of me.

It’s has a tree bark like object semi-outlined on its face.  The bark forms a cross and I remember that it’s Easter.  In this sinful world, I have to admit, the first thought is to make mine the best, better than all the rest of them.  I’ll show them who was really good at coloring.

As crayon and paper meet, the realization occurs to me that this isn’t reality, this is a dream, a lesson from a simple childhood flashback. Only this time, I get to do my drawing over again, without competing, without a class reward.

Yellow, my most favorite color, gets to glide first.  Into the sky, above the cross and around its outline I begin to draw rays of light.  Light that exposes the sins of man, light that is the Son himself.  

As the pink hits the mosaic patten I designed, I realize that pink is formed from red and white: Blood and purifucation for my sin.  Blood that was shed so I could be clean.  

To the ground and sky goes the teal; a mix of blue and green.  The creator divided earth and sky, blue and green, to be a home for His children.  He provides food for us in its rich soil and water alongside its edges.  The color of living water, something we cannot survive without. The color of my savior’s eyes, or so I imagine.

Orange, another combination, hits the paper hard.  The crown’s hue when thorn and blood combine on a dark head of hair.  Part of the torture brought over the head of an innocent man.  My king.  

I glance at the coloring one last time. Thoughts of how this happened and why are still in my head.  The question of what would’ve happened if fate twisted a different story hangs heavily over me.  My breath is exhausted, eyelids close, tears begin to dapple my coloring page.  This is more than a picture, it’s revelation.

When coloring life, choose meaningful hues.  Make time to reflect the purpose of the strokes and even their position.  Always remember the One who awarded us the opportunity to rainbowtize our surroundings.  

He died for our freedom.  He gave us life.  


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