Grandma’s Home – Day [TWENTY-EIGHT] #NAPOWRIMO

grandmas house
Smells of cookies 
Roast, potatoes 
Old home
Creeks and gurgles
Stories of times when 
Dad was young
Times when cats were around
Drop drop in the kitchen
Music played near the sink
Gospel hymns 
Through tin cans
Bacon wafts in
Christmas time
Easter too
Tall tales past bedtime 
Sneaking down the stairs at night
To hear parent time
Laughing, old movies
Cackling too
Grandpa in his chair
Errands to run,
Post office too
Parade for a hometown hero
Carlisles, hulberts, 
Down to the park
Walk home from Grandpas church
Everywhere we went 
Met by familiar face
Old maid, pigs in space
Cards and coloring books
Dinners at the children’s table
Hiding in nook after nook
Memories of Grandmas house
Stay with me all the days
Be in my eyes, ears nose and mouth 
But mostly my soul today.  

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