Summer’s Talent #napowrimo (day two) 

Summer’s Talent #napowrimo (day two)

Cool summer nights

Sweaters, tights

Church bells somewhere

Ice cream trucks blare

Lightening bugs aglow, allude

While summer plays this sort of tune

Giggles and jump rope rhymes

Grills that sizzle, dinner chimes

Bikes whiz, dogs bark

Buzzing lawnmowers all around

Toys scattered, clothes tattered

Chalk that paints the ground

Bike bells, bat cracks

Things to do, there’s no lack

Gone is time for bed

So summer dances in my head

Sandbox play, sticker book trade

Stuffed animals, artwork, a game or two

Line forts with pillows inside

Lemonade stand, car wash pretend

Bubbles and balloons that glide

Times of carelessness and glee

Crafting and playing til dusk greets thee

Can’t contain in caddy or cart

Because summer paints a work of art

Where would I be without her creativity

The memories, lessons

Failure and successes

The bike riding falls, bug bites

Skinned knees and all

Must become something more

They compound into years

Patterned in tears

Forged into strength, we grow

Not to forget, or to ignore the fact

That it comes back around

For a second go-at

Our children will arrive one day

Then we can journey, wagon with candy Enjoy

the arrival, oh won’t that be dandy

Summer composes a symphony
But all too soon

It falls short of completion

Seasons seem to push out seasons

Years go by, with one blink

Summers seem quite different, I think

Awaiting the next one, comes easily now

Until one day, I’ll be a grand

The cares will not be on me

I’ll push, play, read and pray

They’ll be mine still, you see

Ice cream cones and candy canes

Enjoyed beside generations in a glance

Because summer makes families


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