Measurement #napowrimo (day three) 

How do you measure feeling?

Face downcast, turned by gravity’s force

Shoulders hung over stance, chin pressed low
Auditory methods, 

Sharp, sad or sobbing sounds omitted from the depths of ones soul, utterance of sad words or even a cry out to God.
Touch, broken skin, bruise or wound. The hand of a prayer. The caress of your soulmate or hug from a loved one.  

Savory, salty, or sweet; the crispy, satisfying crunch. 
Smelling emotion,

Not easily done; a reverse evocation is more likely
Measurement of feeling is done in a soul; The non-traditional sense of something one cannot truly explain. It’s notion, premonition, the gut teaching or leading. Feeling cannot be measured once in existence, though its absence is noted when missing. Just like the presence or feeling of Jesus is felt in the soul, His absence–not desired or suggested–is felt deeply.  
How do you measure feeling? 


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