Japan #napowrimo (day sixteen)


Dragon-shaped land, where silence prevails Movement shakes, rattles the rails

Ink colored hair, perfection
Uniform look, minimal pattern

Pillows on floors atop tatami mats
Green tea, yuba bun, side of this or that

Sticks guide consumption of food
Fish, sticky rice, bento box sets the mood

Wooden gates and shrines glare at thee
Bowing for heritage, belief for prosperity

Metal zippers criss-cross its back
No trash cans, homeless or individual lack

On levels of stations of clicking tracks
Vending machines, packaged knick-knacks

Utterance of words, not encouraged
Germs covered up, fear of the scourge

Rows and lines and orderly neats
Cleaned and sanitized are the seats

Selected, cast out, based on your skill
Learn how to read or you never will

Food pics, plastic displays in glass
Choose your delectable dish or take a pass

Kindness, honor, ethics indeed
Compassion, but love not easily seen

Kimono, sweets and celebration of flowers
Bamboo, deer and holistic powers

Pint-sized, a lovely history
Alone but revealed, samurai mystery


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