Lament #napowrimo (day twenty-four)


Victims of sex crimes
Shut up
Mothers of children
Silence yourselves
People with moral standards
Ignore the issue
Oh wait! That already happening

Lawyers: I need a person to defend me in my quest to reclaim my personal rights to privacy while shopping at Target.
I’m not waiting until a unisex bathroom is installed, because they didn’t wait to turn the green light to all men on my nakedness or safety!

If they’d like to retract the statement with the clause of “we will make any and all accommodations with port o potties outside until renovations to install the most viable option of unisex bathrooms can occur” then I won’t pursue the lawsuit.
I’m an angry mother of two teenage daughters who needs to right the wrong of the sexual violence that was done unto me.
I will not be quiet!

It isn’t about me not being open-minded, because I am open and okay with equal rights, gay marriage, insurance rights and equal pay. It’s about Target not being considerate of the millions of men and women who’ve been abused. It’s more about a corporation trying to bully an entire society. It’s more about our constitutional right to vote on issues that change or alter the way we do life: especially when it comes to safety, mental illness, disabilities and so on. These are issues for the American people to speak on, not a corporation.
It’s more about the people claiming to be all accepting while not considering the fact that they are discriminating and ignoring the rights of women!


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