#Napowrimo2017 Day 1: Sadness 

Sometimes she’s a memory-triggering song, other times an object with a memory attached. 
But when she sneaks up on you, crouches beside you, perches on your shoulder or curls up in your lap, you cannot help but participate in the untimely visit. 

There is a substantial weight, a heaviness, a thickness to her mass. In recorded history, there have been times when she’s briefly taken ones breath away.

Weather-like events occur among her presence, quaking brings about floods and tidal waves. Whirling of air suction (or intake) can violently trigger the bone-chilling siren wails. Her aroma is salty, which if endured/inhaled long enough will deplete vital stores of both mind and body.  

There is symbolism in her skin, a variation of one hue, and often with a gentle hint of ugly greenish-blue. 

Her skills for present, future and past include, and are not limited to, narrowing pathways, blocking goals, sharp trajectory turns or even laugh stifling. 

Often, but not always, she can awaken the sleep, or conversely, prevent sleep from occurring. Nightmares of what used to be, devastation, loss, falling out teeth.

Moment by moment, time’s heartbreak: sadness. 


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